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    Joshua Gold Resources

    Joshua Gold Resources Inc. is a publicly-traded mining and mineral exploration company that needed help with elevating their brand image.

    When it came down to deliverables? It was a new website design, and improving how they promoted their exploration work in the field so that investors, and potential investors, had access to all the information that would keep them up to date.

    • Web Design
    • Copywriting
    • Press Release Writing
    • Social Media Management
    Phase One

    A New Website

    Rebuilding the website was not the planned first step. The company’s goal was to ensure important information was available to investors and that they were meeting their reporting obligations. Achieving that, however, meant having a foundation to proudly host that content, and this meant overhauling the design of the website.

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    Phase Two

    Press Releases

    Publicly traded companies need to ensure that every newsworthy win has every chance of getting in front of as many eyes and ears as possible. Consistently publicizing all of the important exploration activity literally happening on the ground at Joshua Gold Resources’ properties was critical. Often press releases focus very strongly on what happened, but well-written ones need to go far beyond that. It was important to bring out the excitement of the ground activity, and explain what it all meant. I wanted to show investors (and potential investors) the big strides the company was making – regardless of their level of knowledge of the mineral exploration industry.

    Phase Three

    Email Marketing

    Part of the digital marketing strategy for Joshua Gold Resources includes a consistent emails to newsletter subscribers. The company’s investors, and people who may become investors, want to know the things that are happening as early as possible. How does a company reward that level of interest? Push the news that matters to them at the same that it’s hitting the wire. The emails themselves are designed to give an overview of the story, and include graphics and links to the full story on the company website. To grow the list (and yes: this works) the Joshua Gold website also contains important newsletter sign-up popups and forms.

    Social Media

    Press releases can only get you so far. The real benefit is the story of the company’s progress that develops over time. This makes consistency critical. To help spread the word, we use the company’s social media channels – primarily Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Reddit. By targeting different communities, especially on Twitter, we have been able to put the company’s activity on display and reach more eyes than they have before.

    Google Business

    Many businesses have not claimed their Google Business profile – despite it being a fantastic tool. JSHG’s profile was in need of urgent attention when I started working with it. Due to Covid-19, the company’s old location was marked as a temporarily closed. That’s not a signal you want to send to potential investors. Because they had moved, it took some effort to re-establish this, but in the end it worked out.